Lyndra Therapeutics elects Patricia Hurter as CEO to strengthen development capabilities
3 June 2019 -

Medication company Lyndra Therapeutics revealed on Monday the appointment of Patricia Hurter as its chief executive officer with effect from 3 September 2019.

Additionally, Amy Schulman has been named as the company's executive board chair, alongside current board chair, Catherine B. Reynolds and other board members.

Dr Hurter will be responsible in moving the company forward from transformative concept to preclinical trials to early drug development. It is currently in early clinical studies for its once-weekly dosage form and moving toward Investigational New Drug (IND) discussions. It orally administered dosage form is designed to deliver sustained, steady-state release of one or more drugs for up to a week or longer while temporarily residing in the stomach.

Most recently, Dr Hurter has served as senior vice president of Pharmaceutical and Preclinical Sciences at Vertex Pharmaceuticals, where she was responsible for CMC and preclinical development for its R&D portfolio.