Accel Research Sites names new CEO
13 May 2019 -

It was reported on Friday that Accel Research Sites, a multi-therapeutic network of clinical research sites, has named Matthew Maxwell as its new Chief Executive Officer, effective 19 April 2019.

Maxwell has more than 12 years' experience in clinical research leadership, most recently serving as Chief Operating Officer for ARS. He previously served in support of clinical leadership at Cancer Treatment Centers of America and operations leadership at Atlanta Institute for Medical Research.

Maxwell said, 'I am thrilled to be assuming this new role at Accel Research Sites and look forward to driving the growth of the network, so we can offer new treatment options to patients and providers in the communities we serve. Clinical trials are fundamental in advancing clinical innovation, and for many patients these trials offer hope where approved therapies have failed. It is our duty and our mission to connect these patients and their providers with the treatment options they deserve.'