Kaneka Corporation signs contract with FUJIFILM Corporation to provide Avigan Tablet to treat COVID-19
17 April 2020 -

Japan-based Kaneka Corporation has signed a contract with Japan-based FUJIFILM Corporation to provide drug substances for anti-influenza drug, Avigan Tablet (generic name: favipiravir), for the treatment of novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19), it was reported on Thursday.

The Japanese government has decided to increase its stockpiles of Avigan Tablet, which is likely to be effective against COVID-19.

FUJIFILM Corporation has expanded its production system and started increasing its production of Avigan Tablets. The company said that it has already started supplying PCR reagents used for COVID-19 tests via its group company Kaneka Eurogentec (Headquarters: Belgium). In addition, it is enhancing its contracted manufacturing efforts for a COVID-19 vaccine, using technologies such as high-quality mRNA and plasmid DNA and is handling an onrush of inquiries.