Flexipharm Austrading unveils first vial and generic Methylthioninium Chloride for NHS hospitals
30 March 2020 -

UK pharmaceutical company Flexipharm Austrading on Monday reported the launch of its second differentiated generic injectable product Methylthioninium Chloride commercially across the UK NHS hospitals.

The company added that Methylthioninium Chloride in 10mg/ml sterile concentrate for solution for injection is the first and only generic licensed medicinal product presentation of methylthioninium chloride to be available in a preferred vial presentation.

Under the MHRA licensed and European Pharmacopoeia compliant product, the generic Methylthioninium Chloride meets or exceeds specifications on levels of organic and metal impurities and has several benefits to the NHS, according to the company.

At the NHS, the generic Methylthioninium Chloride lowers cost and fewer steps to prepare the drug for administration compared to the alternative ampoule product, removes 'sharps' injury risk, often associated with opening ampoules, carries an NHS/List price that is 23% cheaper than the alternative ampoule product, improves shelf life and can be used for up to 24 hours from opening, concluded the company.