Armas Pharmaceuticals launches four generic injectables
22 January 2020 -

US-based generic pharmaceutical company Armas Pharmaceuticals Inc reported on Monday that it has launched four generic injectables, Caffeine Citrate, Docetaxel, Gemcitabine and Verapamil HCI.

The products are part of the company's growing product line, bringing its portfolio count to eleven. The sizes of the new products are: Caffeine Citrate Injection (the generic equivalent of Hikma's, CAFCIT), available in 60mg/3mL; has an approximate market size of USD4m annually.

Docetaxel Injection (the generic equivalent of Sanofi's, Taxotere), available in 20mg/1mL, 80mg/4mL and 160mg/8mL; has an approximate market size of USD45m, annually.

Gemcitabine Injection (the generic equivalent of Eli Lilly's, Gemzar), available in 200mg/5.26mL, 1G/26.3mL and 2G/52.6mL; has an approximate market size of USD25m, annually.

Verapamil HCI Injection (the generic equivalent of Pfizer's, Calan), available in 5mg/2mL and 10mg/4mL; has an approximate market size of USD31m, annually.

Joe Niemi, chief operating officer for Armas Pharmaceuticals, said: "Building off the incredible success Armas saw in our first full year, we are excited to be adding these items to our growing product line. From the start, Armas' mission was to bring affordability to healthcare and we continue to work towards that goal by partnering with our customers and bringing down the overall cost to the patient."



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