Xbrane Biopharma updates product portfolio
10 September 2018 -

Xbrane Biopharma announced on Monday that its board of directors has decided to shift the company's strategic focus of its product pipeline to biosimilars.

As a result of this decision, further development of generic long-acting injectables beyond Spherotide (generic long-acting triptorelin) will only be pursued if additional resources become available.

At the moment, the company is focusing on moving its leading biosimilar, Xlucane (ranibizumab [Lucentis] biosimilar), into a pivotal clinical trial. It is co-developing Xlucane following an agreement the company entered with STADA Arzneimittel AG (ETR: SAZ) in July 2018.

Xbrane is also accelerating development of Xcimzane (certoizumab pegol [Cimzia] biosimilar) and Xoncane (pegaspargase [Oncaspar] biosimilar) and aims to develop two additional biosimilars on biologics with patent expiration 2026-2028.

Initial development of the biosimilars will be carried out using freed-up resources from Xlucane development. Long-term successful development will require sufficient capital to be raised in the market.