Takeda signs relugolix licensing agreement with ASKA
1 June 2018 -

Takeda, a Japan-based pharmaceutical company, announced yesterday that it has signed a licensing agreement for relugolix with Japan-based ASKA Pharmaceutical Co.

The licensing agreement grants ASKA exclusive commercialisation rights for uterine fibroids and exclusive development and commercialization rights for endometriosis for Japan to maximise the product value of Takeda-owned relugolix (generic name, development code: TAK-385).

Relugolix is being developed as a gonadotropin-releasing receptor antagonist to be taken orally once daily against uterine fibroids, endometriosis and prostate cancer. Until now, Takeda retained commercial rights for relugolix in Japan*, and in February of this year, submitted a new drug application to the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare for uterine fibroids. Under this agreement, no right of relugolix for prostate cancer treatment in Japan has been granted to ASKA.

Based on this agreement, Takeda will receive upfront payment for granting the exclusive commercialisation right for uterine fibroids and the exclusive development and commercialisation rights for endometriosis in Japan as well as holding the right to receive royalties on sales. Further details regarding the agreement have not been disclosed.