Vitruvias Therapeutics Closes USD 11.5m Financing
31 January 2018 - - US-based generic pharmaceutical company Vitruvias Therapeutics Inc. has completed a USD 11.5m series A preferred financing, the company said.
The investment was led by JW Asset Management LLC, and Perceptive Advisors.
Vitruvias Therapeutics will primarily use this investment to complete multiple projects already under development.
The company recently received approval for its first ANDA product which it expects to launch in early 2018. The company also has several other ANDAs, either filed with the FDA, or in various stages of development.
Privately held Vitruvias is a generic pharmaceutical company which utilizes domestic and international partnerships to develop, manufacture, and market technically difficult generic products. The company's primarily focus is on products in the generic sterile injectable market.
JW Asset Management is a New York based fund manager for five investment partnerships.
Perceptive Advisors is an investment management firm focused on supporting the progress of the life sciences industry by identifying opportunities and directing financial resources to the most promising technologies in healthcare.