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Novo Nordisk to provide free insulin for patients facing COVID-19 financial hardship
15 April 2020 -

Novo Nordisk Inc, a global healthcare company, is offering free 90-day insulin supply to people experiencing financial hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic under the company's Diabetes Patient Assistance Program, it was reported on Tuesday.

This program does not require applicants to produce documented proof of income. Participants must provide documentation indicating loss of healthcare benefits, such as a job termination notice or job status change, or proof that COBRA benefits are being offered. In addition, if Medicaid benefits are denied, assistance for eligible patients can be extended past the 90-day-window until the end of the year. People applying for this program must have a valid prescription for a Novo Nordisk insulin and meet certain eligibility criteria, which can be found on or by calling 1.844.NOVO4ME (668.6463).

Doug Langa, executive vice president, North America Operations and president of Novo Nordisk Inc, said, 'The pandemic is taking a serious toll on the nation's health and economy. Millions of people are losing jobs and health coverage, and that's especially tragic if you have a chronic disease like diabetes. We already have a lot of programs to help people afford insulin but the impact of COVID-19 goes beyond that. We know people need more help right now and we want to do something that could make an immediate difference. We also want to dial-up our efforts to make people aware of the help that is available. Patients have enough issues to worry about at this moment. We don't want being able to pay for their insulin to be one of them.'