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Frost and Sullivan Expects Immuno-oncology Therapeutics Market to Reach USD 3.9bn by 2022
22 March 2018 - - US-based growth partnership company Frost and Sullivan's latest analysis, Immuno-oncology Therapeutics Market--Adoptive T-cell Therapies, Forecast to 2022, finds that the market is expected to generate revenues of USD 3.9bn by 2022, the company said.
Promising clinical trials in artificial T cell receptors (CAR-T) and T-cell receptor (TCR) therapies have inspired significant partnerships worth billions of dollars between large pharmaceuticals, small companies, and research institutions.
Frost and Sullivan expects medium-to-small-sized companies with innovative immuno-oncology products in development to receive considerable investment income through collaborations.
The recent analysis assesses which adoptive CAR-T and TCR therapies are in development and for which indicators, products launching in the next seven years, key players and their investment activities, cost implications, challenges to development, commercialisation of adoptive T-cell therapies, and hurdles payors face relating to the high cost of speciality therapeutics.
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